Activities at Skipnes

Fishing in the seas of Vesterålen


Dream of catching the really big fish?
Hire a boat and making your dream come true, with a fishing trip at a setting surrounded by high mountains, sea eagles and fantastic daylight conditions.


Rowboat (without motor) including saftyvest for rent at Skipnes.

Scuba diving
The skerries surrounding Skipnes is perfect for scuba divers who whants to experience uniqe diving conditions.


The divers can store their gear in sutable storage rooms, near the diving boat.


Compressor for refill of air.



Varied and pristine hiking terrain. The environment is host to rich and varied birdlife, as well as uncommon flora.


Marked hiking trails to the old trading post at Tinden, which is on the national register of the Directorate for Cultural Heritage.

Skipnes is a perfect starting point and basecamp for kayakers who whants to explore the extreme nature form the sea side.


Skipnes is every year the host for:
Arctic Sea Kayak Race