The fishing village Skipnes - history

Outermost on the open sea you find Tindsøya in Vesteraalen. South on the island lies the old fishing village of Skipnes.


After a long period of depopulation and demise, the village has been restored today as a leisure and holiday centre.


The village has a very special atmosphere, or «soul» if you like, and you will sense this as soon as you go ashore on this motor vehicle-free island.


Up until the beginning of the 1900's, Skipnes was a fishing/farming community, although fishermen from far and wide also came here.

Around World War I, there was a vital fishing industry here in Skipnes bay. It was one of the largest fishing facilities on the seaward side, with a pier measuring 150 metres long.


Skipnes enjoyed its heyday up until the middle of the 1960's, but political centralisation policies, combined with poor fishing years, led to gradual depopulation and the demise of industry here.


Out of the ashes rose this once again vibrant community. All of the buildings were restored. Today they form a peaceful holiday and leisure centre.